3 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Equity

3 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Equity

Tuesday Jul 05th, 2022


As the Equity Master, I love real estate because it’s the type of investment that can be optimized and help you increase your equity over time. It can earn you a passive income, and with some tips from me, it can also increase your equity through higher ROI’s. Here are some tactics from a seasoned professional.


1. Upgrade Your Property


When you have the opportunity, renovating your property will make it more appealing to renters and buyers alike. For those who rent, an upgrade is a facelift that shortens the time it takes for new renters to come in, meaning your property spends less time on the market and allows you to charge higher rent.


This can be done with a few simple upgrades including,


· New cabinet doors

· A fresh coat of paint

· Pressure washing

· Adding a washer/drying to the set of perks


2. Tweak Your Investment Strategy


If you’ve been in the renting game for a while, you may be missing out on potential returns. Striking a balance between what you charge tenants and minimizing vacancy times is a delicate game. I can help you run a rental market analysis to make sure. You really are getting what your property is worth and how to navigate rent control.


If you have more than one property that you can rent out, you can take your strategy to the next level. You can pile on that equity by using the funds to buy more property and even upgrade your current home. Better yet, you can diversify the types of properties you have and expand your portfolio for a longer-term strategy to live the dream life, backed by equity.


3. Lower Overheads with Better Financial Management


Equity is about knowing how to leverage your resources. If you’re spending less than you make, it will hamper your ability to grow your wealth. I can help you figure out how to cut costs and manage your finances in a way that streamlines your overhead so you can better spend that money where it counts.


Final Thoughts


There are a number of ways you can increase your equity. I would invite you to browse my blog to see what may work for you. But no matter how you do it, you have options. My

solutions will help expand the way you utilize your assets and make them work for you in the best way possible. Call me today and let’s optimize your equity!

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