Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]

How to Budget for a Home?

Monday Aug 21st, 2017


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by all the decisions that go into buying a new home in Canada, but if you are well prepared that can be reduced. As I always say: If you want to buy a property tomorrow, start planning today! Your budget plan should start two years before the offer day and that should be communicated with all the members that will be involved in this saving plan. Here are few tips on how to budget for a home and be prepared for this important... [read more]



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