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Don’t forget Daylight Saving Time ToDo List

Thursday Oct 31st, 2019

fall back

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. The clock “falls back” one hour on Sunday November 3rd at 2:00AM (making it 1:00AM). This allows for more light in the morning, but unfortunately makes it darker much sooner in the evenings.   Daylight saving time can be a great way to remind us to do some important tasks around the house,     Test your smoke detectors & Replace Batteries: Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are incredibly important.... [read more]

3 tips for a more energy efficient home

Wednesday Oct 30th, 2019

energy saving

The impact of climate change affects us all. Not only are the Earth’s temperatures rising, we are seeing more natural disasters as a result of the phenomenon and natural habitats are declining at an alarming rate. The good news is, there are small steps you can take for a more energy efficient home, that go beyond recycling and composting. Consider the following tips for going green: Install a smart thermostat: Heating and cooling your home takes an immense amount of energy, and the... [read more]

Renovation tips for a multi-generational home

Monday Sep 30th, 2019

Home Renovation

From splitting expenses, to sharing chores and everything in between, there are many benefits to living in a multi-generational home. This living arrangement can help reduce stress, save money and strengthen a family’s bond. Many homeowners tend to pass on this type of living situation, feeling they could lose their privacy or independence, but it is possible to re-design a home to ensure that everyone has their own space and a place to get some quiet time! Here are four renovation... [read more]

4 Things to Consider & Look For When Viewing a Home or Open House

Tuesday Jul 30th, 2019


Whether you are a first-time home-buyer or a current homeowner looking to downsize, more than likely you will be viewing houses or attending open houses while searching for the perfect home. Regardless of how experienced you are with home buying and home owning, there are always things that are missed when going through the house hunting and home buying process.   We, at RE/MAX, reached out to our Influencers – a panel consisting of RE/MAX sales associates... [read more]

Spring is here ! To-Do list that homeowner must consider

Saturday Mar 30th, 2019

home inspection

As the snow begins to melt, a homeowner should prepare his/her springtime to-do list. Beyond your lawn-maintenance basics, there are a number of must-do tasks that are often overlooked but incredibly important — especially if you’re considering listing your home this selling season or you would like to keep your house's value up.   Gutter Mutter We all know that gutters are designed to whisk away spring showers and melting snow but they do much more than divert... [read more]