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Renovation tips for a multi-generational home

Monday Sep 30th, 2019

Home Renovation

From splitting expenses, to sharing chores and everything in between, there are many benefits to living in a multi-generational home. This living arrangement can help reduce stress, save money and strengthen a family’s bond. Many homeowners tend to pass on this type of living situation, feeling they could lose their privacy or independence, but it is possible to re-design a home to ensure that everyone has their own space and a place to get some quiet time! Here are four renovation... [read more]

Want to Flip a House? You Must Read these tips to Stay Profitable

Monday Sep 2nd, 2019

house flipping

Spending an hour watching one of the many house flipping shows on TV or online can be enough to convince anyone to try this quick and easy investment and good way to make thousands of dollars of profit in a short time. The process looks very easy and anyone can do it. Just buy a cheap old house, spend a little time and money to renovate it, and then resell for thousand more than you paid... right? But actually, nothing is ever as easy as it looks, and if you now own a house you are trying... [read more]

The Five Home Renovations that will yield the best Return on Investment

Thursday Jul 4th, 2019

house flipping

One of your objectives as a homebuyer – and ultimately, a home seller – is to achieve the highest return on investment. A hot property value boils down to a number of factors, such as location, proximity to public transit, the local and greater economy, and the market conditions at the time you list your home. While some of these factors are entirely out of the seller’s control, there are some things you can do to influence your home’s selling price. Whether your... [read more]

To House Flip..?

Saturday May 12th, 2018


Many TV shows, vlogs and podcasts make it look as if house flipping is an easy, fun and highly profitable investment. Many investors have indeed made a handsome profit from house flipping. Maybe you know someone who has, or possibly have heard sensational anecdotes from friends, family members and internet blogs of people becoming rich overnight. And while its true that house flipping can be a profitable enterprise, it would be a fallacy to believe that you can simply throw repair money at any... [read more]