Good Smell Will Sell!

Saturday Apr 29th, 2017


While it is known that good smell can add lots to the selling process, I say, too much of a good smell is not good.

Every home has it's unique smell, it is built with time and it usually references to the style of the home owners. But when selling your house, your style can be not the style that can help you with the process.

Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the College of Business at Washington State University, has spent years studying the effect of smell on buying behavior. He says complex scents — such as the intermingled chocolate and vanilla of fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies — are distracting. They plain make our brains work too hard trying to figure them out. To help you prepare your property for the big sale, here are some suggestions to give the buyer a comfortable and positive feeling when shopping for a home:

- Organic smells: such as Lemon, Orange, Cedar, Basil, Vanilla and Cinnamon

- Stay away from sharp and heavy smells such as perfumes that has strong chemical scents

- Every one love to have cookies, bake some cookies - enjoy the taste and leave the smell to the buyers

I hope you have enjoyed this month blog and if you are planning to sell your property and you want to make a great sell, send Auday Zakko an email.


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