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How to live large in a tiny home

Monday Sep 02nd, 2019


The tiny home trend comes with many benefits, such as a lower price and less “stuff” to clutter your life. But living in a bachelor apartment, loft or bona fide “tiny home” can be tricky when it comes to planning where to put your furniture and belongings. You may have to get creative in terms of storage, beds, coffee tables and just about everything in between. Thankfully, it’s easy to make the most out of a small space by strategizing your interior design. Here are four ways to live large in your tiny home


Tiny home? Buy tiny furniture.
Small space furniture is often multi-purpose – like an ottoman or coffee table with integrated hidden storage. This allows you to store things without taking up too much space. Foldable tables or desks and Murphy beds can also make your tiny home more inviting and spacious to guests.

Hit the wall.
Walls are a home’s number one untapped resource. Try installing floating shelves for books, pictures and storage baskets. You could even add heavy-duty hooks to store a bicycle. Also consider installing sconces as a light source instead of table or floor lamps, which occupy precious square footage.

Look up!
The inches between the top of the doorway and the ceiling are often just the right size for a shelf that can hold books and storage baskets. If you’re pressed for space – sometimes looking up can lead to new storage solutions!

Living a minimal lifestyle is best suited to tiny homes. Having too many items will make your home feel even smaller, and your storage solutions will overflow. Once a season, donate items you no longer need, such as books, clothes, kitchenware or extra bedding.

Living in a small space doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting creative with furniture and wall space are key to making the most out of a small space. Hidden storage is your best friend!



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