Spend Money to Make Money — The Power of Renovations

Monday Jan 17th, 2022


Renovations can be a difficult and costly decision for many people. It is often considered a luxury or an extravagance. But what if I told you that renovations can actually make you money while still getting all the benefits out of them? As the Equity Master, I’ve got first-hand experience with the payoff.

That’s right, renovations have been shown to increase the sale price of a home by as much as 5%. And for those looking to sell their homes, it’s a good idea to spend money on renovations before listing it on the market.

Making Money While Still Renovating!

The benefits of renovations are not just in the form of having a home that is more aesthetically pleasing. They also help to increase the value of your house. This can be very helpful for people who want to sell their homes or for those who simply want to get better living conditions. There are many reasons why renovations matter, and they are not all about aesthetics; they should be taken seriously.

Even though these renovations can be minimalistic, they can still up your home value by a minimum 10%. So consider the following to renovate your home while still making money!

How to Renovate Kitchen while still Being in a Budget

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most expensive chores that people can do to their homes. It also consumes a lot of space, time, and money. While renovating a kitchen, it is important to be aware of the costs and how to save money.

The most important thing is to not change your entire plan if you decide you want to save more money.

· Making small changes such as painting the cabinets instead of replacing them will save you a lot of money in the long run.

· One small renovation that you can do is to update your old cabinet hardware with newer and sleeker models.

· Another budget renovation that you can do in the kitchen is to replace outdated tile with new commercial grade tile, which will make it easier for you if there's ever a spill because these tiles are stronger than the ones you currently have.

How to Renovate Bathroom while still Being in a Budget

Renovating your bathroom is a much cheaper alternative to moving out and starting from scratch. It is a good idea to brainstorm what changes you want to make before you start renovating.

· Painting the walls a different color or texture;

· Adding lighting fixtures;

· Replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower or vice versa;

· Installing a skylight;

· Get rid of old fixtures and replace them with new ones;

· Add some trendy mirrors.

How to Renovate Living Room while still Being in a Budget

Home decorating is a tough job, especially if you want to be particular. There are so many small things that can be done to enhance the appearance of a living room.

· Remove the furniture which is not in use and arrange the remaining furniture;

· A new rug or pillows on the floor can make all the difference;

· Adding artwork on the walls;

· Updating light fixtures;

· Adding more plants for decoration;

· Changing out window treatments.


Little changes can go a long way. Renovations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and the payoff will be worth it if you’re in the market to sell. Come sit with me for a free consultation over a cup of coffee and let me show you how you can leverage little shifts within budget for your benefit down the line.

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