The Ultimate House Hunting Checklist: Answering These 5 Simple Queries Can Help Secure Your Perfect Property.

The Ultimate House Hunting Checklist: Answering These 5 Simple Queries Can Help Secure Your Perfect Property.

Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2023


Do you want to avoid endlessly scrolling through real estate websites and attending open houses without success? Finding the perfect property can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. In this post, I'll share five simple queries that will help you secure your dream home in no time.

By answering these questions, you'll clarify what matters most to you when house hunting and make informed decisions along the way. Whether you're a first-time buyer or searching for your forever home, these house-hunting hacks will save you time and stress.


1. What are your "must-haves"?

Before you start house hunting, knowing what you're looking for is essential. Make a list of your "must-haves," including the features and amenities you absolutely need in a home. For example, you may need multiple bedrooms or a large backyard if you have a large family. If you work from home, you may require a home office or a quiet wrsce. Knowing your must-haves will help you focus your search and save time on properties that don't meet your needs.

1. What are your deal breakers?

Just as important as your must-haves are your deal breakers. These are the things that you cannot tolerate in a home. For example, if you have allergies, you may not be able to live in a house with carpeting or a lot of dust. If you're looking for a quiet neighbourhood, you may not want to live near a busy street or a noisy construction site. By identifying your deal breakers, you can eliminate properties that are not suitable for you.


1. What is your budget?

It's crucial to clearly understand your budget before you start house hunting. This will help you avoid falling in love with property out of your price range. Determine how much you can afford to spend on a monthly mortgage payment, considering other expenses such as property taxes and homeowner's insurance. Knowing your budget will also help you narrow your search to properties within your price range.


1. What is the location like?

The location of a property can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Consider factors such as proximity to schools, shopping, public transportation, and other amenities. For example, if you have children, you may want to live in a family-friendly neighbourhood with good schools. You may want to live close to public transportation if you commute to work. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you may want to live near parks or hiking trails.


1. What is the condition of the property?

Finally, it's essential to consider the property's condition before making an offer. Take a careful look at the roof, windows, plumbing, electrical systems, and any appliances included in the sale. If you need more time to assess these things, consider hiring a home inspector to give you a professional opinion. The property's condition will affect its value and may impact your decision to make an offer.


In conclusion, finding the perfect property can be daunting, but by answering these five simple queries, you will be well on your way to securing your dream home. Consider your lifestyle needs and plans when searching for a property that ticks all the boxes. Research is vital for house hunting, so take advantage of online tools and resources. Remember, the location and neighbourhood amenities are essential in making a house feel like home. Lastly, always trust your instincts and work with professionals who have experience in real estate transactions. By following these 'House Hunting Hacks' you'll soon find yourself living in the home of your dreams!


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