How To Upgrade Your Property With The Same Monthly Mortgage Payments

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021


When you bought a house, you might have thought about the next four or five years. Fast forward ten years, you now have two girls who do not wish to share the room and other family members do not want to give up on their space or another scenario could be that you are near retirement period and you need more rooms in your house for your grandkids —  what to do now?


Your first thought is home renovation, but you are a little skeptical about the expenses. Today we will help you stay within your monthly mortgage payments while still being able to upgrade and renovate your home. Keep reading. 

Current Mortgage: Does It Fit?

The first step to know where you are headed is to know where you stand right now. Start off by digging into your current mortgage. Luckily, if you were a little conservative when you bought the house, you have less percentage of a down payment and a reasonable sum of mortgage. 


Single Single Double

Going for too much renovation means sacrificing too much from your daily expenses to make up to the monthly mortgage payments. Hence, it is advisable that you take one step at a time. The wiser choice would be to list down the changes in the order of priority and pick up the most urgent ones first.


Doing so will help you stay within your mortgage limit — since you are spending on the upgrade in portions, it will not burden your mortgage payment all at once. 


Mortgage Recasting

Another way to upgrade your home while staying in your monthly mortgage payment limit is to recast your mortgage. However, ensure that you have paid a sum of $5000 minimum to request recasting.


The aim of mortgage recasting is to lower the monthly mortgage payment percentage. This will help you to divide your mortgage payments into lower portions while having in-hand finance to upgrade your property. 


Add Into The Principal

If you have any accumulated past-due charges on interest or late expenses — you are in good luck. You can ask your lender to add that to your principal balance and likewise, amortize your loan. 


In the event that you have accumulated past-due charges on things like interest, late expenses or escrow, a few moneylenders will add that to your principal equilibrium and reamortize the credit. This implies the sum you owe will be fanned out over the long run with the new principal amount. In the event that you expand the length of your credit, you may wind up paying less in regularly scheduled installments despite the fact that adding it to your principal amount means that you owe more.


Doing so will help you expand your time period and fulfill your home upgrade expenses for now.


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