What Do You need to Know Before Buying New Property?

What Do You need to Know Before Buying New Property?

Friday Sep 30th, 2022


Have you decided to buy a brand-new home? Congratulations! Buying a brand-new home is an exciting experience and one that you should enjoy because it fulfills a big part of your hopes and dreams for you and your family.


Let's look at some of the possible questions you should ask the construction development company before you decide to buy.


Which Are The Standard Finishes, And Which Are The Upgrades?

You may be touring a model home, but keep in mind that in model homes, developers display high-end finishes. Therefore, you should specifically ask about which are standards and which are upgrades, and the differences in cost.


What Warranties Do You Provide?

There's a warranty on almost anything we buy. A home is one of them. Make sure to ask about the workmanship warranty, structural warranty, and manufacturer's warranty.


Any Long-Term Plans For The Community? And What Are They?

If the neighbourhood doesn't look complete yet, there may be plans for further development, which could mean noise pollution if you are one of the first to move into the neighbourhood.


Can You Provide Me With A Contact Of One Of Your Current or Past Clients?

Yes, they may provide you only with glowing clients, but it's still a good start. Next, you should collect references and search around for platforms (online or offline) where you can find reviews and any after-sales helpful information about the developer.


How Long Will Building Take?

This is essential information for many reasons. First, you need to know when to plan to vacate your current home. You could be renting, which would involve giving your landlord notice. Another thing is you need to ask whether the timeline they give you includes the time it takes to get permits.


Is Landscaping Included?

It may be minor compared to purchasing a home, but landscaping could set you back on your budget if you are not well prepared. And some developers offer a landscaping option, so it's a question definitely worth asking!


Are There Homeowners' Rules And Regulations?

It would help if you were clear on what's allowed and what's not allowed on the property. This may come in the form of a homeowner’s association or the developers' rules.


Please don't hesitate to contact me for any help you may need for this and any other real estate matters!

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